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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sex & drugs & rock'n roll

Another pop idol died a few days ago. David Bowie is no more.

Not surprisingly, when you consider his previous life of excesses. And he wasn't a family man in those days, not as they claim in this week's newspapers. I know someone whose son was befriended with the brother of Brian Eno, and she once told me that while Bowie and Eno were on tour, Brian called his parents every day, while Bowie just laughed at it.

But what kills people? If you look around, you'll see people who equally smoke like a Turk, or take drugs, or drink too much - and are still alive. While others who are careful - don't smoke, take care of their food, don't drink - die of cancer or a heart attack at an early age.

What about Eric Clapton,Willie Nelson, Mick Jagger? They aren't any better, but still tour around the world.

There just aren't any certainties in life!

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