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Friday, September 9, 2016

Airhostesses 'operate' on 'dead' teddybear

Sometimes you read an article in your national newspaper that can make you smile. Like the one yesterday about what happened during a Brussels Airlines flight from Warsaw to Brussels.

On board was an English little girl with her dad. During the flight the kid began to cry loudly. Apparently her dearly-loved teddybear had 'died' - i.e. the toy had lost a leg. The hostesses on board tried everything to solace the child: they offered her crayons and a book to color in, they offered her sweets and even a portion of real Belgian fries. Nothing helped. The kid was devasted because her toy was 'dead'.

One of the team, though, thought of a way to help her. She offered to take teddy to the back of the plane, where they had 'a hospital'. There 'the doctors' would operate on teddy and make him better. Reluctantly, the girl handed over her toy to the airhostess.

Now you must know that most crews keep a sewing-kit for emergencies. One of the hostesses sewed the leg back on (got to think of it, I don't know how often my mother did the same for me, with my toy rabbit) and brought it back to the little girl.

She was ever so happy! And the father declared he would never take another airline from now on. Moreover, after the landing in Brussels, both dad and daughter were invited into the cockpit and the pilot showed them everything.

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