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Monday, September 12, 2016

Youngest competitor at Rio Paralympics wins gold

When you see Laurens Devos, you'd think he's only 10 years old... But the boy has just become 16 and so he could enter the competition.

Laurens was born with a lame right arm and leg. But he did not let this hinder him. From a young age, he like to play table tennis, and it soon turned out he was quite good at it.

Yesterday night, he won the golden medal in Rio. He won every set of his matches! When you see the boy in action, you wouldn't say he's handicapped. Thanks to kine and hard training, he has regained strenght in the lame limbs and now his greatest wish is to compete in the regular competition.

This is already the second medal for Belgium. Earlier on Marieke Vervoort won silver in wheelchair racing, and tonight another table tennisser is going to fight for gold. This one has a mental handicap, but he's ever so endearing when he announces 'he's going to give it a hard blast'.

Let's hope these won't be the last medals in Rio. Our little country is doing quite well there - we also didn't do badly in the Olympics.

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