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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Back to school

Today, September 1st, thousands of pupils - and teachers - returned to school for their first day of the new school year.

With the little one, tears will have been spent. And not only the little kids will have cried, more so the parents who see their young one enter the school gate...

For young teachers it is always a game of wait-and-see. Lots of them don't have a job yet, and need to wait until they find one later on next week, or next month. It takes about 3 years before a young teacher can find a steady position, and then they need to have worked for the same school all that time.

Our minister of education is involved in talks about the career of a teacher. Government and unions don't see eye-to-eye there. The government wantst to economize everywhere, also in the pensions. But they don't realize that when they don't make the job of teacher more interesting for young people, they'll end up with only the old ones sticking to the job, and lots of vacancies which won't be filled anymore. Teaching is so much more than just being in your class teaching a subject. A good teacher needs to be a psychologist, a sociologist, a nurse, often a parent. You have to be able to disarm a possible dangerous situation... Moreover, you have to get along with the kids. A sense of humor is essential there. Cracking a joke every now and then creates a good atmosphere in your classroom, and the kids will work so much the better.

So good luck to everyone who started today!

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