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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Who likes housework?

Well, I must admit, I DON'T. I just hate cleaning, dusting, ironing and all other chores. My sister likes cooking and our mum used to like ironing a lot. Can't see the joy in it. Ironing gives me an ache in my back, and when I clean the house, I'm sure to have a few blue marks on either legs or arms as I always bump into things.

Right now, after a long period of being away to other places, the house needs a thorough cleaning-up. Yuk! I wish I had a house-elk like Harry Potter's who could do all these chores while I'm sitting behind my pc working on my next novel. That's what I like to do!

We already have a house ghost (seem to have brought it back with us from a trip to Ireland a few years ago), but the only thing he does is shifting items from one place to another. Not much help either...

I can hardly ask my sister, who already works so hard at her job (she's solely responsible for about 500 people's wages and other administration) to do the job after she comes home. She already does the cooking, because she says it's relaxing.

Ok, so I spent the afternoon cleaning. For all it's worth. Tomorrow you won't see I did go through the living-room with a wet mop. That's what I find so frustrating in cleaning. You need to repeat it (very often) otherwise you won't see the effect. I like things where the effect remains. When I finish a story, I can see the book being published.

What about you?

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