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Monday, September 19, 2016

Sorry for everything

The new rage on television since a couple of weeks is the program 'Sorry voor alles' (sorry for everything), created and presented by Adriaan Van Hoof.

Candidates for this show were chosen at random. Some time ago, people could send in their cv for a new tv-show - which, of course, did not exist. Among all those who sent in their cv's, some were chosen for a real program. Only, THEY did not know!

The program is a real conspirancy. Everyone is involved - spouses, parents, friends, you workmates, just name it. For more than a month, a person is filmed anywhere. Then he/she is lured to the studio under false pretenses, and the show begins.

It's fun watching how people are manoeuvred in all kinds of situations without their having a clue. What the person in the spotlight has to do, is to guess what he/she said or did in a given circumstance. You can win a lot of prizes if you have it right. The person yesterday won 100 kg of good Belgian pommes frites, a good amount of the best whisky, a tablet computer, a weekend away with his entire family and a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

Only - I wouldn't want to be part of this program! Just imagine everything you do is getting filmed and broadcasted. No, not for me!

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