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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Weekend at the seaside

My sister decided to reward herself for three weeks practically non-stop work. So we took the train to Knokke at noon yesterday and only plan on returning Monday morning.

Better still, yesterday evening we went dining in Bartholomeus, one of the best restaurants in the region. We've know chef Bart Desmidt since he was a little boy who came horseback riding with his dad. He specializes in fish, of course, because his ancestors were fishermen. He still has friends and family who deliver fresh fish daily. The restaurant already has two Michelin stars, but I think a third one will come one day. It's just so good there!

The weather is also co-operating. It's been sunny and warm for weeks and the rest of the weekend is supposed to remain the same.

Well, it's nice to be here and only do what we like - no more talk of work.

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