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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Are we cursed?

Sometimes I'd believe we were. Or is it just the year 2016???

In the beginning of this year, our trip to Ireland was cancelled because of the terrorist attack on the airport of Zaventem (Brussels). Ok, we got our money back from the airline tickets and the hotel, but of course we had looked forward to this trip.

Next we got a message that the concert with Colm Wilkinson was cancelled. Well, not exactly cancelled but postponed to a date when we could not attend. This time we had to cancel the plane tickets ourselves (only got back the tax paid) and again cancel the hotel.

And two days ago, we heard that the opening night (and most likely a lot of other performances) of the 30th anniversary of Phantom in Paris is cancelled. There was a fire in the Théatre Mogador, where the performances would take place. I've called the tickets office in Paris, but they weren't able to say if or when the theater would open again. And we had so much looked forward to this Phantom in French! Now, whether or not the performance will go ahead, we'll go to Paris anyway. We already have our tickets for the Thalys train and our hotel is booked too.  Paris is an interesting place to visit, so that's not a problem.

But nowadays I'm afraid to book tickets for a show anywhere else than in Belgium, because there have been so many cancellations. You'd think we're cursed, right?

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