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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Icecream weather

You wouldn't know it's September if you look outside. It's high summer, with temperatures better than in July and August.

Well, nobody complains. We didn't have any spring (rain, rain, rain) and also the summer wasn't all that. Some good days, but more often bad ones.

So now at least we get a feel of summer. You can imagine yourself being in the South of France, Italy or Spain without a problem (there it's practically unbearably hot).

This afternoon we had to cycle to the DIY shop which is a bit outside town, but we didn't mind because of the nice weather. We found everything we needed (and which fitted into our bike bags). On our return home we passed by a tearoom so we decided to park the bikes for a while and enjoy the terrace. Such weather calls for icecream sundaes, don't you agree (or a fresh pint of beer?).

And they predict over 30° Celsius for next week. Where will that end????

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