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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Too much students take options without future prospects

They really didn't need a survey. Most reasonably thinking people know that our world is in full evolution. Computers and robots are taking over more and more chores.

In the banking world, this is most obvious. More and more banks are sizing down on employees, because more and more tasks can be done by a computer. Think of pc-banking, which is still in evolution. Insurances can be bought on the web, no need for a person to come by and sell you one.

But schools and universities still offer too many study options for jobs which will be redundant in the (near) future. In sales and services, for instance, a lot of jobs will disappear. Some tasks in caring can be taken over by robots, which will also operate on people.

I'm glad I'm already 60. My job as a teacher is still one of those which can't be properly done by a robot! But what will happen with all those people who are made redundant, when robots and computers take over? Will the companies then pay for all of those they put on the street???

I guess this will be a difficult point of discussion in the years to follow. Can you imagine a world in which people are nearly of no use?

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