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Saturday, September 3, 2016

'You seem to have a flair for meeting such people...'

For a prequel, I must refer to my blog 'My meeting with celebs'. It's happened again!

In the past, my sister and I have had a lengthy chat and lunch with Eric Clapton, had Johnny Depp do his 'Jack Sparrow' for us privately, sat on a skilift with one of the sons of the former Shah of Persia, stood backstage at a Dublin theater with Frankie Valli...

And during our trip to Venice, I'm sure we've met Michael Bolton! We were on a boat trip to the islands of Murano and Burano when a man asked if the seat next to me was taken. We kept seeing this guy wherever we went and on the boattrip back to Venice he again sat next to me. He began talking and kept on so until we docked. From what he said we could derive he was a singer of some fame...  We immediately checked pictures online when we were back in our hotel and it must have been Michael Bolton.

Don't ask me how it came about, but we did talk about my writing (he was genuinely interested) and our meetings with Depp and others. He smiled and said: "Then you seem to have a flair for meeting such people". Right.

We don't actually do anything to meet celebrities. We don't go chasing them. It's them who come to us, which makes it more special. Clapton himself asked to pull some tables together so we could talk more easily, Depp jumped up (to Vanessa's surprise) and apologized for the behavior of the Texans out of his free will, and Valli also talked to us about the performance (now that's not quite strange, as we were at the stage door). Also Bolton came to sit next to me and began talking himself.

I wonder who we'll meet next....

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