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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Heat alert

Our government has issued a heat warning for today and tomorrow. Imagine, it being over 30° Celsius this far in September!

Children and older people (should I count myself among them?) need to take extra care. They'd better not do heavy bodily exercises and should drink enough water during the day.

I cleaned my house early in the morning, when there was still a bit of fresh air blowing in, and this afternoon I've kept quiet. I read some chapter of my latest Inspector Banks novel, did some research for our coming-up trip to Buenos Aires (in 2017), and peeled and cut up some vegetables for tonight's dinner. When my sister comes homes, we can start cooking.

And yes, I drank enough! My glass of water is next to me as I'm typing. I must say I've been feeling well this year. My cholesterol and sugar levels are under control, and my heart is finally beating slower. I've learned not to get bothered anymore by anything that happens. Live and let die....

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