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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cleaning up

We spent the afternoon cleaning up our barn, which is attached to the house. See, our house dates back almost 100 years and in those days all the outbuildings were close to the house.

We're getting a new boiler next Monday and therefore we needed to clear away the area where it's going to be placed. This meant moving away ladders, cupboards filled with tools, etc. You stand astonished of how much you collect in the course of days!

Well, it's also a good way of cleaning up the place. You normally do it once a year, but it is not bad to get away with cobwebs and other creeping things. We're close to a railroad and the piece of land between our garden and the railroad is a wasteland where weeds grows and all kinds of animals move about. I'll be glad when we move to the coast, because this old house needs a lot of keepîng in order and the older you get, the less you like doing it... At the flat we'll need less upkeep as most of it will be done by the concierge.

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