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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Amber Room: close to finding its whereabouts?

It's no more an urban legend. There IS Nazi gold in the tunnels underneath the Polish mountains. Old people used to tell their grandchildren about the Nazi train full of valuables that were buried in tunnels of the Owl Mountains in Poland.

A legend? No more! On his deathbed, a Germanconfessed to know about the existence of a train of more than 10meters which is hidden deep down a tunnel near the village of Walbrych, near the Tjech border. He was one of the team that was hiding the train. Supposedly the train carried a load of gold. The man left his hints to two treasure hunters, a German and a Pole. They did indeed find a spot where something huge is buried... They found a pantsered train, and are willing to leave it to the Polish authorities for a finder's fee of 10%.

At first the Polish authorities were a bit sceptic, but in the meantime it has been acknowledged by the ministry that a train carrying a 'special load' has been found.

So golddiggers are heading en masse to Poland, but they are warned not to come too closely, because the train might be booby-trapped. Soldiers guard the place , just to make sure.

Are we near to learning more about the lost treasures? The main one of these being the famous Amber Room from the Catharina Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. I once saw the replica but they real one would be even more impressive.

I don't know if you ever read the novel by Steve Berry, but here Cotton Malone also finds trace of the Amber Room. Fiction no more???

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