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Monday, September 7, 2015

Angry farmers

Today Brussels was swamped with convoys of angry farmers (on their tractors!). So no going in or out of the city.

The farmers in Europe are mad at the EU. Due to their laws, they gain less and less per year, they claim. They have to sell their milk for a few pennies, and also pork has become too cheap. They also have a problem with Russia, that doesn't allow any European produce to enter.

Now we all know that farmers are not easily satisfied. Either it's too hot or too cold... too wet or too dry... They did not complain during the world wars of the past century. My grandma went on foot to the farms around Antwerp to buy food on the black market - and she spent the entire profit of selling a big house during those four years, just to feed her kids. Farmers earned tons in those times. Nowadays, times have turned harder on them, that's true.

Mainly it's because of the food chain. Farmers don't sell their produce directly to the customers, as they used to do. Their produce is bought by a big concern, which also needs to make a profit. This concern sells on to supermarkets, who take their part. And because of the competitive market, those supermarkets have to be cheaper than their counterparts...

The farmers want better prices for their produce. I wonder what Europe will be doing about it - in my view Europe has done nothing good for us yet.

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