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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life on Mars?

Ever since people got aware of what was happening in outer space, there has been interest in the planet Mars. When I was a kid, parents told their offspring to be good 'or else the Mars men would come'. And in the 70's there was a lot to do about flying saucers. (Well, they were a new prototype of airplane the Americans were testing, but who cares?)

Yesterday NASA made public they have found flowing water on Mars. Of course, scientists all around are nearly going mad with expectation. Flowing water means the existence of micro-organisms which can lead to life.

On the other hand, some scientists say this doesn't mean a lot. The water doesn't always flow and it's quite salty. Mars doesn' t have the same conditions as Earth (no atmosphere).

But hey, we can all dream along, right? Perhaps one day a space ship will find its way to our planet and we can be-neighbor our fellow-creatures from Mars?

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