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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How growing older can make your tastes change

While I'm making soup (btw, it's asparagus soup) I was contemplating how I don't like cooking anymore. Oh sure, I CAN cook (and quite good, even if I say so myself) but my heart is not in it anymore. When I was younger, mid twenties, early thirties I just LOVED to cook. But then I had people to impress (especially a man I was mad at). Now there is only my sister, and we've been together for AGES.

My dislike/like of cooking is not the only thing that has changed.  When I was a kid, I loathed tomatoes. Right now I don't always eat them raw, but just give me any dish with tomatoes in it. I used to be fond of fried chicken, while nowadays I only eat the white flesh of the breast and never the skin. And I don't go swimming anymore, although I was so fond of it as a youngster, even won competitions.

On the other hand, some things remain a constant factor in my life. I always loved books (would climb up a tree to read in silence) - and still do. I wrote short stories as a kid to escape boredom at school, and still write. I still find interest in doing research for my family tree (btw, I just realized that under Welsh medieval law, I would have been a princess! Welsh law namely gives bastards the same rights as legitimate children, and among my ancestors were kings of France and William the Conqueror of England.)

Care to share what's changed in your life, or what remained constant?

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