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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hate posts

We all know the phenonemon: someone posts on Facebok (or any other social network) and soon he/she is swamped by disgusting reactions, which often go to really hate mail.

You have to weigh your words when you use the internet. I've been writing my blog for some years already, and up to now I've only had one not-so-very-friendly remark to one of my posts. That was were I wrote I don't understand how someone can commit suicide.

A Flemish tv-program (on one of the small broadcasting stations) is now showing a piece called 'Heroes of the internet'. The maker of the program goes in search of the people who write these hate posts. Because - and don't you forget it - most people just use their FB profile when they post, and then it's easy to find them in reality

He expects to find a pitbull behind every door he knocks at - and instead finds the most common man or woman. And then he goes in search of their story. Nearly everyone who is being interviewed has an underlying story.

Ok, but is that a reason to post hate mail??? My own life hasn't been honey and sunshine either, but I never see a reason to attack a person online.No sir, I handle my anger in quite another way. In my mind, I've committed more than one murder already. When I have cause to feel a strong dislike (or even hate) to another person, I kill them in my dreams. That's enough. And later on, all is forgotten.

What do you think of this?

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