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Friday, September 18, 2015

Nationalism on the rise

I can't help noticing that European countries are growing more and more nationalistic, of course triggered by the tsunami of asylum-seekers from the Middle East.

Hungary has thrown up a wall - remember the Iron Curtain? - and now Croatia is also closing its frontiers. The TV shows pictures of refugees fighting with the police. Also in our own country, people are getting worried about housing more and more refugees.

This is fodder for the nationalist parties. And that's dangerous. The big danger lies in the fact that nationalism always has some doctrines in which people can find themselves - in this case, away with all those refugees who only come to profit from our social security - but they have other agenda's as well.

Our major nationalist politician, Bart De Wever (mayor of Antwerp) for instance has once stated that the unemployed are all lazy bums and should not be given any money for support. Hello? If your factory goes broke and you're out of work, and already somewhat older, will you find another job? No, not in this economy. But that doesn't brand you as a lazy bum. Most of the unemployed would accept a job, if one was offered to them. So if you agree with the NVA (De Wever's party) you agree with all of their party points. You'd only notice you've been had once you are a couple of years ahead.

The current inability of the EU to deal with the problem of the refugees will give more power to nationalism and when nothing is done about it, it can lead to World War Three.

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