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Saturday, September 5, 2015

US Open

I'm not a big fan of sports, but I do like tennis. Not that I play myself or have played - my eyes are not good enough for ball games. I'm not able to see distances well enough (even with glasses) so I don't drive a car as well. On the other hand, I can read the small print without help. So I count my blessings!

Anyway, talking about tennis, right now it's the US Open. We don't have any great players like Henin or Clijsters anymore, but one of the men shows promise. His name is David Goffin.

But it's pretty warm there in America. Sometimes this heat is quite unbearable. A lot of players had to give up their match because they weren't feeling well or from sheer exhaustion.

I remember there used to be a lot of complaints about the rain at Wimbledon before they closed the roof. I wonder why it's not possible to play the US Open a couple of weeks later (end of September, beginning of October) or just see to it that when it's too warm, players can tennis in a cool hall.

What do you say?

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