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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Promised Land

The Middle East used to be the promised land for ages. But nowadays the new promised land is Europe.

The last few months hundreds of thousands of fugitives try to sail towards the Grecian or Italian coasts, or try to catch a van or train going through the Chunnel to reach England. Human trafickers earn tons of money.

While there is - and always will be - compassion for those who really leave their country because of a raging war, there is a growing distrust among the citizens of various European countries towards those fugitives. And truth be told, not all of them seek asylum because their life is in danger. Some of them only come because they seek wealth here. Because, according to European law, once recognized as a fugitive, they are given food, lodging, even a job. And after some time they can invite the rest of their family to come over.

Here in Belgium our minister of immigration, Theo Francken, does what he can. But will Europe - and our country - be ready to host hundreds of thousands more? No, I don't think so. In Germany and Hungaria, there is a growing resentment against the streams of fugitives. The same goes for Italy and Greece.

In my humble view, nothing much can be done to help all of them. But the UN tell us we should do more! Ok, why can't the UN send ships to bring fugitives to the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand? Do they really believe Europe can take millions of fugitives withoug a revolution? This is not only OUR problem. The entire world should do something to make sure that everyone can live freely and without worries in his or her own country.

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