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Friday, September 11, 2015

What were you doing at 9/11?

It's a sight we'll never forget: those two planes which went into the WTC Towers, completely destroyed them and murdered thousand of innocents.

I remember I had a free afternoon in my schedule (was working at a school in Temse then) and I was in my study preparing some work for the coming lessons. My radio was on (always is) and on the 3 o'clock news I heard that a plane had crashed into one of the WTC towers in New York. At first nobody suspected foul play and they only thought about a plane crash. But when a second plane neared the towers and flew into it, we knew it was a terrorist attack.

My mother had also been listening and called me down to see on the TV what was happening. Schools closed earlier than normal, so that teachers and students could all follow the news. It was a terrible shock.

So today we offer a prayer for those who did not survive the attack. Let them rest in peace.

Unfortunately the terrorist threat is still active. Other attacks followed, on the London Underground and the metro in Madrid. Why does faith has to spur such madness???

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