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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Strike of the garbage men

Since past Monday, the men working for VERKO (the organisation that collects the garbage in our wide area) are on strike.

Everyone who put out garbage and did not read the newspaper or heard the news on the radio, found their garbage still in place when they returned from work. The mayor asked that everyone put back their garbage for as long as the strike lasts. But today I could still see some left garbage bins standing on the pavement or cluttering the driveway.

It is not a problem - yet. I just put my blue bag containing (mostly plastic and milk cartons) back in my cellar. The cellar is big enough. But next week the yellow bags are collected and these contain the rest-waste. When these are left for a while, they begin to emit their fumes. So where do I put these? Not in the garden, where cats and rodents can get to it. Not in my house, because they would attract flies and other vermin. So for a while they can go in the boiler room, where also my washing machine is.

I just hope the unions and the director can come to some sort of compromise, or else Dendermonde will be the new Naples!

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