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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Wedding reception

A bit later than usual, but I've been spending time at a wedding reception. A cousin of mine married for the second time, but nevertheless the bride wore white and there was a reception, followed by a dinner for the close family.

Here in Flanders a wedding reception consists of drinks and little bites to eat. The drinks were various: wine, champagne, beer, fruit juice, beer or water. Just what you liked. Of course I went for the champagne! And the tidbits to eat were special as well. Not the usual stuff you get at receptions, but little hamburgers and hotdogs, salads with meatballs, sausages filled with fish.... Really tasteful.

And like always, you always meet people you haven't seen for a while and before you know it, it's late in the evening and time to go home!

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