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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Did you also hear the news about the discovery of a new - and even bigger - Stonehenge? It's been all over the news and beats the reports about the fugitives.

The new stone circle has been detected by a team of archeologists (among whom also a Belgian). Apparently, an enormous stone circle is situated under the Durrington Walls. These walls are an earthen wall under where before the remains of houses were found. They think these belonged to the builders of Stonehenge, which was possibly the biggest village in Neolithic times.

The new stone circle would be bigger than the Ring of Brodgar on the Orkneys, which has 100 meter in diameter. This circle would have 1,5 km!!!

Andy Rhind-Tutt, who heads the Heritage Trust, said to the BBC that this raises questions about the meaning of these stone circles. We don't know what they mean, as yet.

No wonder these circles take up an important place in novels! For what it's worth, they could have been used as portal through time, as they do in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander novels. People have always been intriguyed with what they cannot understand.

Hopefully, we'll learn more in the future.

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