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Sunday, September 27, 2015

In for a sweet Indian Summer

The last couple of days have been great. At last the grey skies and rain left us and we're blessed with at least one week of Indian Summer. Yesterday at the wedding reception, we could remain outside on the terrace of the restaurant and enjoy our drinks and conversations in golden sunshine.

I really like this season. I can bear hot temperatures, as long as I'm not in Belgium. Here it is way too humid and my poor muscles can't bear a lot of humidity. I always have pains in my fingers or toes, or knees, ... But when I am in a place where the temperature goes over 40° C and the sun blazes, I don't feel a thing.

So now it may be cold in the early morning and evening, but during the day it's nice being outside. I will take advantage of this nice weather to do some more washing, while it can dry outside and also do some cleaning of outside windows. Although... that's dangerous. Every time I clean windows, it begins to rain afterwards!

By the way, the big pond in our neighborhood will soon look like the above picture....

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