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Monday, September 14, 2015

Do you know what/what not to put in the garbage bin?

This morning, I received the visit of a representative of the waste company for our region. Apparently they had been asked to question a certain number of chosen people to see how they could improve their service.

The lady asked some questions, concerning the sorting out of waste. I had no trouble with them, as we have been sorting our waste since we were kids. We had several crates in our cellar: one for paper, one for plastic bottles, one for milkcartons etc. One day, we even decided to clear the local brook from all the trash people threw into it!

But as I can witness, not all the people know what to put in what bag. Here in Belgium we have two different colors for waste. Blue bags are for PMD (plastic - metal - drinkcartons) and brown (or yellow, the color may vary) are for the rest of the waste. Paper and carton you can put in paper boxes or just tie together with thread, and these are collected once a month. The blue and brown bags are collected every two weeks (one week the blue, the other one the brown). Remains of vegetables and from garden green go into a big green container, which is emptied when it's full. We pay for this collection, of course. We also pay for the waste bags.

In the apartment block where we have our flat, the waste is collected down in the cellar. And the things you see there! Some people clearly don't know what to place where. Out of stupidity, or either out of their free will. Probably such people just fill up a bag of thrash and throw it out of their car,  while driving along an empty road....

Do you handle your trash with care???

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