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Friday, September 25, 2015

Killer cholesterol

Read an interesting article in the newspaper this morning. In our country, twenty-five thousand people are born with a cholesterol that is way too high. AND - only 4% of these realizes the danger!

The study comes from Ernst Rietschel, a cardiologist at UZ Gent. 1 in 450 people in Belgium suffers from a form of 'familial hypercholesterolomy' but only a 4% is aware of the ticking bomb in their body. Their 'bad' cholesterol  (which should be around 115 mg/dl) can vary from 250 to 400 mg. And that from the day they are born.

The danger is, of course, you don't notice this. But you'll see that in your family, sometimes a mother or father, an uncle or an aunt, die at an early age - sometimes not even 30.

This illness is hereditary. Therefore, the cardiologist started BELCHOL, an organisation to make patients aware of the risks.

I'm ever so glad my 'bad' cholesterol is ok!!!

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