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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hitting the jackpot

I admit, I play on the lottery. Isn't it everyone's hope to win the jackpot? Only, up to now I've only won little sums, nothing over 50€.

Last week, one of my fellow countrymen (or women) won a jackpot of 15 million Euro with Euromillions. Wouldn't that be nice to win? Not too much (heavens, what would you do with a jackpot of around 100 million?) but enough to give you a pleasant life.

My grandma always said 'Hope makes you live" ... and as long as you live, you can hope. This is what life makes bearable when things don't go as planned. It's always so nice to daydream about what you would do if you won the jackpot.

So let's say 15 million. Ok, that would allow both of us to give notice at work (I'm nearly 60, my sister is 55). We still need to work a couple of years before having our pension. But if you could hand in your 5 days' notice (that's what is required in education) it would mean you could stay home at the end of next week! My job is not so demanding, and I still love doing it, but my sister is under a lot of stress and I fear that one day the stress will get to her. Quitting her job would be a blessing.

For the rest, we'd do nothing special. No fancy cars, no fancy clothes, no follies. We'd just be happy to keep the two places we own (in normal circumstances, we'd have to sell one of them when we are pensioned because we won't be able to maintain both on lesser income) and enjoy life. Perhaps do a bit more travelling - but as it is, we do enough now also.

If I won a bigger sum than 15 million, I'd be giving away big chunks to various good causes. When we die, anyway, our property and money goes to the charities we support.

What would you do when you won a lot of money???

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